Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The many faces...

What better to do when stuck inside than photo shoots?!

New Years, AU Championship,and more fun

Kyle and I go on a New Years trip every year... it's a time for us to talk about priorities for the next year and reflect on the past one. We make commitments to each other and try to use the time to refocus on God and each other. This year we went to Chicago. SO COLD! It rained 8 inches one day while we were there. We don't even own clothes warm enough for that kind of weather. However, we did get to sleep through the night (haven't done that in about 8 months) and we ate great food.... without having to worry about feeding the kids while we were doing it. We went to a New Years party, but really wanted to call it a night about 830. Yes, we do go to bed that early. I was super proud of us for making it until 1215. As good as it was to get away, I missed my boys like crazy and ended up coming home a day early. Which was probably good because all the flights were cancelled the next day.

Thanks Gramps and GoGo for keeping boys for us!

trying to get out of Chicago
 On a separate note, Auburn football rocked this year! We went to the best 2 games of the year- Georgia and Alabama. Good luck charms?! Perhaps!



Auburn ended up losing the national championship game, but it was a fun season to watch (for Kyle more than me). High expectations for next year!

Christmas in Auburn

After Santa came, we packed the kids up and went to Auburn to see family. We had a great time with family, but the mood was a bit more somber with the passing of my sweet granny. I have yet to put into words what her life meant to me, but that will be a blog to come.

Catch Up

Ok wow I haven't blogged since November so there is ALOT to catch up on. Where to start?!

Way back when, like 4 months ago, we took a trip to Pigeon Forge with some friends. It was a good change from our everyday routine and the setting was beautiful. Not to mention, SMORES! I had quite a bit of running to do to make up for all the Hershey's I consumed in those 3 days.

This was the first year that Mason had a Christmas program at school and it was very entertaining! He would come home from school singing the songs (by singing I mean mumbling with no clear understanding of what he was actually singing), so I was curious what the songs they were practicing actually were. His class did great and they were definitely the cutest 3 year olds I've ever seen :) Santa also visited their classroom and told him how important it was to be a good listener (he must not have heard that part).

This Christmas we introduced Krueger to our house. Krueger is Mason's Elf that he named and looked out for every morning.

We had breakfast with Krueger on the first day. It was a fun family deal that I probably put too much time and money into, but in the end Mason loved it, and it was a good excuse to eat pancakes!

We (meaning me, mostly) were SO excited to have Santa come this year. Santa came last year but Mason had no idea what that meant, so this was really the first year where he began to understand the idea. I remember my parents always having a really exhausted look on their face on Christmas morning, and I realized why. Kyle and I stayed up most of the night putting toys together and getting everything set up for Santa's big arrival.


In my next post I'll catch up on Christmas in Auburn with family and cousins! Here are other fun, random pics!